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FIA EPTA members believe that well-regulated markets provide stability and create efficiencies. For this reason, market participants and trading platforms should be appropriately regulated.



FIA EPTA members believe that stable, reliable and well-functioning markets increase security and safety and provide the foundations that encourage investor confidence. FIA EPTA members support mechanisms that increase stability in the market, for example, the use of central counterparty facilities.



FIA EPTA members believe that markets should strive for real transparency for investors and market participants, both pre and post-trade. Trading of standardized over-the-counter products should take place on organised trading venues in order to provide increased transparency to the market and regulators.


Risk management

FIA EPTA members believe in having risk controls in place to ensure orderly, safe and secure markets.



FIA EPTA members believe that fostering competition between market participants, trading platforms, clearing platforms and co-location facilities is necessary for encouraging innovation and promoting market efficiencies.


Equality of access

FIA EPTA members believe that access to markets should be open to all, non-discriminatory, and provided at a reasonable cost to market participants in order to minimise barriers to entry and increase competition.


Equality of information

FIA EPTA members believe all market participants should have access to the same trading information in order to provide a level playing field.



FIA EPTA members believe in the most efficient markets. Technological innovation drives changes in market structure that make markets more efficient and competitive, benefitting participants and leading to a better result for the end investor.



FIA EPTA members believe that firms should operate with integrity in the market, and communicate with regulators in an open and honest way.





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